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Home | A Poem

The smell of comfort wafted the home

It smelled like bread and good things to eat

It's scents were carried through the halls and rooms

And married to the sounds it found

Sounds of cries and a Mother's nurturing voice

Sounds of laughter and a Father's good humor

It wrapped around me like a gust of wind

I was lost in it's haze

Here, I felt

I felt the embrace of warmth and partiality.

It wrapped me in it's forgiveness and dignity.

It heard my weeps

It soothed me

Home had known fear, but it knew love far better

Home had known death, but it knew life far better

Home had known illness, but it knew strength far better

The world taunts us and proves its vastness to be cruel.

But here, within the timbers and walls of this fortress

It holds the songs we long for

The melodies haunt our journeys and the sweet sounds we follow home


The destination to the journeys I've yet to take


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