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August 30, 2018

Today I traveled the two lane road that cuts through the middle of a forest, winding up the mountain, headed towards a place I love so well. I saw sunbeams shining through the trees and hitting the morning haze. I noticed that the Poplar, Oak, and Maples beginning to lose their vibrant greens, telling me that summer is coming to an end and another autumn is on its way. I traveled up and up this curvey road reaching the highest point this road will take me and as soon as I reach the top, its back down I go on the other side of the mountain. Traveling downward, going into a valley and further into the mountain until I reach the holler.

I saw the little White Church I grew up in. I saw wild turkey and wild flowers. I saw old barns and tobacco fields. I saw the cow pastures and the old logging roads. I saw where the river meets the mountains. I saw the railroad tracks leading further into the woods and running along side the river, leading to places that you can't see from the main road. I always figured that there must be some kind of hidden beauty down those tracks, maybe one day I'll catch a train and find out.

When I reached the cabin, Shirley, Mamaw Atlas and I sat on on the front porch. We soaked up the view and admired the mountains. We listened to the birds and watched the dogs. We studied clouds and found pictures. We rocked in our chairs and watched a thunder storm roll in. Mamaw named mountain ranges and we exchanged stories. We talked about gardens and the Farmers Almanac. I walked the dirt road and waved at family members driving by. I stopped by Mamaw and Papaw's to just say hello and to use the telephone. Then I headed back home. It's nice to belong to more than one place and how sweet it is to find such contentment in a simple day.



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