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Comrades By Spirit | A Poem

I've known you since time was young

You never knew a time where our friendship had yet begun

You know my dreams

I understand your heart

Though traveling different journeys

our souls will never part

You are the harmony to my songs

I am the understanding to your reasoning

Comrades by spirit

Bonded by our inner souls

Of same blood and name

Come fire or ice

We shall fight til demons tame

Before me or behind me

I see you

Together the mountains we will conquer

The victories we will sing

And when old is crept upon us

We shall look upon our demons

And we will laugh

For a bond such as ours is not easily tattered

For you fought for me

And I fought for you

Though the journeys were different

Our hearts were the same

Our dreams were too

You were here for me

I was there for you


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