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I Want A Home {Guest Writer}

Today's guest writer, Chad Hensley, who also happens to be my father.

Hopefully, this will be the first of many writings by Chad, to be posted here at

Colonels & Crickets.

For an awesome and beautiful effect, scroll to the bottom of this page and click 'play' on the video, to add some background music to the reading of this wonderful poem.


I Want A Home.

A poem by Chad Hensley

I want a home and not just a house

A place of my own for me and my spouse

I want a home that fosters love

One that is filled with noise of children a buzz

I want a home that represents compassion

One that feeds independent thinking and not just the fashion

I want a home that draws people in

A home that is warm and shuns all sin

I want a home that is fruitful and kind

Where my wife may prosper as a fruitful vine

I want a home where creation finds its way

And new ideas are produced everyday

I want a home that keeps us together

One that is warm and harbors from the harsh weather

I want a home that is filled with laughter,

Dancing, crying, singing and chatter

I want a home that is an alter of prayer

That is willing to rescue children from despair

I want a home that invites neighbors to dine

And we raise a toast to the Creator divine

I want a home that is industrious and determined

That shrugs the illustrious and calls for a good sermon

I want a home that smells of cinnamon, coffee and bacon

Where butter and bread are always in the making

I want a home with the view of the mountains

Surrounded by creeks, ponds and fountains

I want a home here children can play,

Climb trees, ride horses and jump in the hay

I want a home that is covered by the Blood of the Lamb

Where God's grace abides with a gentle hand

I want a home where someday I may die

And all my children are all gathered by my side

I want a home that when I come to my end

My Savior will say "Well done my child, come on in."

Chad Hensley of Erwin, TN

Winter 2009


Moon Over Switzerland by the Kruger Brothers

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