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Last Saturday

Last Saturday I wrote a short summary of my day on my personal facebook page and I thought I'd share it here...

If I were to put today into words, I would say today was chaotic and challenging. But, when I stop at look at the photos taken today I would say...

Today consisted of sleeping in, snuggles with the littles, and coffee on the front porch. Visits with Grandma and ice cream sandwiches. Dad and Hobie tilling the garden together. Going to the store and doing some mundane tasks. The guys working at a Hensley and Sons Electric job for about 10 hours. Me, multitasking by walking Hope and Hart. Haven working on his car and truck. Hope jumping on the trampoline, Hyder playing cowboys and Hobie tilling. Mom taking a few moments to enjoy the front porch. Haddie helping us clear the bank behind our house, so we can bring in more animals. Heidi making us supper. Bluegrass, which is not my favorite genre, but the most nostalgic for me, playing on the radio. And for us, the day isn't over yet. There are baths to be given, food to be cooked for tomorrow, dishes to be washed, bathrooms to be cleaned, supper to be eaten, beds to be made, laundry to do, and I could go on and on. It's been an exhausting week for everyone, whether it's doing the mundane and whatever else that needs to be done, or for me, a week long, exhausting asthma attack. But this week I've captured our lives in photo, audio and video. The sights and sounds of home. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The sweet Hope and Hart moments, the frustrating lost Bull moments, the mundane moments. They're all worth it, they're all worth our time. We experience them all for a reason. So, let's capture them. Let's learn from them. Let's remember them.




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