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Papaw Charlie and the Store {Guest Writer}

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Today's guest writer is, Chad Hensley, who also happens to be my father.

Hopefully, this will be one of many writings by Chad, to be posted here at

Colonels & Crickets.

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The Store

A poem about the country store Papaw Charlie ran

Nothing to enjoy more

Than goin' to sit around at the store.

Joking, kidding, ribbing, and rest,

A coke and peanuts is the best.

Yeller dope, moon-pie, time to go huntin'

Moon is out and the dogs' tails are a thumpin'.

Oil floors and fly tape,

Wooden back chairs, who cares if it's gettin' late.

Tellin' tales, smokin', chewin' and gettin' the milk,

No fancies, no purties, no women's silk.

Charlie behind the counter weigh'n the ham

Mamaw in the back "you like it thick?" Yes mam.

Laughin', playin', hear any news?

Someone go cheer up Floyd, he's got the blues

Later comes Smiley deliverin' the goods,

Can't find that house, cause it's way back in the woods.

Lovin' neighbor as thyself,

Friends who share is the greatest wealth


Pickled eggs, saltines, sardines, deer season,

Let's go to the store, don't need no reason.

One legged Carmin talking kinda foul,

Yellow fingers, cigarettes, grouchy ole' sow.

Gettin' hot and the chocolate melting,

Baby stumbles in the gravel is now a wailin'

Pet Coon Crawlin' all around

Tobacco needs a top'n before the sun goes down.

Early morning, late evening, tired and worn,

Gotta get to bed early, be back in the morn.

Chad Hensley


I was unsuccessful in my search to find photos of Papaw Charlie and his store, but here are some photos of our dear, belated Papaw Charles Hughes of North Carolina.

Charlie and his first great-grandchild, me (Hannah).

Papaw Charlie and Mamaw Atlas


Want some good background music? Click play


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