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The Flower on the Table Are Dying. | Archives

September 4th, 2020

The flowers on the table are dying. The dirty dishes are stacked. School books piled on the dinner table. Junk stacked on the counter. The babies are crying. One kid is yelling from the bathroom, one is yelling from upstairs... it's bath time. Tomatoes sitting on the island about to rot, because we haven't found the time to can them. It's 9:00pm and we've not eaten supper yet; we're eating Mexican for the 5th time this week. It's chaos. No where to go this Friday night, just home. Tired, stressed, and worn.

But, Haven is home tonight and soon we will all sit at the table for supper. We are all singing to Tony Rice. Mom and dad are talking in the hallway. The puppy is asleep, the boys are getting sleepy. Heidi is finishing the supper. I'm making cookies.

This is real life. This is a good life.


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