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The Happiest Disappointment | Archives

January 5, 2020

Grandparents are something else. Special you might say. Over the Christmas season we were sick with the flu. Christmas was canceled. The children were disappointed, well I was too. But, Grandma worked hard to keep us fed with good things to eat for the past 2 weeks. Using her time off from work to send up treats, goodies and several meals. She sent the gifts and made Christmas a good one, even though all our plans were canceled. She showed us so much love and we love her!

Today Mamaw gave us a belated Christmas turkey dinner with all the trimmings. She left her decorations out for us and played the Christmas music. We opened presents and had Christmas in January. We laughed and laughed and laughed. You know, we've missed each other so bad!

Sometimes we have to go through disappointments to be reminded of our blessings. I never knew how much this joyous holiday meant to me until this year. I never realized how much the grandparents make it special, how important my family is to me, how important family traditions really are and how special this time of the year is. Never take anything, and I do mean anything, for granted.


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