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April 15, 2020

In Memory of our beloved Uncle Willis Atkins.

" Not our Uncle Willis?" They said.

"Yes, our Uncle Willis has died boys" Dad said

"But, he was my favorite Uncle! I liked talking to him! I liked it when he acted like he was getting ticks off my head" Hobie said

"I know. He was a sweet man. We will miss him so much."

"Was Uncle Willis the one who went with us and Mamaw Sharrol, when we took Heidi to piano?" Hyder said

"Yes, he did"

The boys stared at the dining room table until the couldn't hold their tears back anymore. Then they sobbed. They ran into their Daddy's arms and wept and sobbed. They mourned for the first time in their young lives. They mourned wrapped in their Daddy's arms.

"Come on and sit down here boys and I'll tell you stories of Uncle Willis. He was a great man. He was sweet and loved Jesus and loved telling people of Him."

So, they sat down. Through their tears they smiled, ate ice cream and listened to stories of Willis, told by Dad

"I'll miss Uncle Willis" Hobie said wiping his tears. Hyder chimed in "Me too!"

Though tonight they are heartbroken, they will always remember their Uncle Willis. They'll remember his face, his smile, his hands, his kindness, his love, his laughter, his jokes, his sweet words and the attention he showed them, because nobody will ever replace Uncle Willis.


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