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Wisdom from an Appalachian Mamaw

One day back in 2019, I got my camera, pressed the record button and asked my great Mamaw, Atlas of North Carolina, what was something she wanted to tell her grandkids and great grandkids and this is what she said...

Mamaw: Well, I’d like to give them some good advice, that always live a good and clean life. Always tell the truth. Always depend up their Lord to help them, ‘cause he will carry all our troubles and our trials. All we’ve got to do is live for him and he’ll do the rest. And that be good to each other and their families, their children and their grandchildren and they’ll never regret it. And most of all to serve their Lord as if they were going to leave here today, because we never know how much we’re going to have. If it’s a long life or a short one and we need to get prepared her, cause after were dead it’s too late. We need to be faithful to our families and to our church and the people and reverence the old people. Take care of people in need and in sorrow, cause if we take care of other people, God’s going to take care of us. That’s the way it set up and that’s the way its suppose to be. We think of our self more than we think of other people, if were not careful. But, need to take care of the other fella and God said he would take care of us. And He will, because he’s proved it to me. I might not have done as good as I should have, but he sure has blessed me. He’s blessed me more times than I could even imagine. It’s not what I have done it’s what it he has done. Just, live a good, clean life and be good to eachother. Watch what you say and watch what you do. And everything will be ok.


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